Mikko Lempinen

Dedicated and driven, I merge a diverse background with a relentless pursuit of technical excellence as a software engineer. Passionately charting a career path defined by continuous learning, I am committed to accumulating a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

"We succeed in proportion to the amount of energy and enterprise we use in going after results."

   What I am currently up to

  • Pursuing Master's Degree in Computer Science & Engineering specializing
    in Artificial Intelligence.

  • Working on an AI research project at BISG, University of Oulu




Chatbot for Assessing System Security

Award winning AI chatbot that can assess the security status of user's computer system, and autonomously execute countermeasure tasks against potential malicious actors on the user's computer system.

Python Web App Artificial Intelligence

Sudoku Solver

Simple Sudoku gameboard with different layouts and an integrated puzzle solving algorithm. Visualizes how a backpropagation algorithm works in real time.

Python pygame

Smart Greenhouse

Smart Greenhouse automates the plant growing process. Plant your seeds, place them into the Smart Greenhouse, and let it do the rest.

C++ Prototype 3D Design&Print

Data Visualization Tool

Easy-to-use tool for visualizing and analyzing raw data.


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